Skin Care For The Anorexic In Recovery

Aside from the obvious extreme weight loss, there are several very obvious signs that a person is either suffering from anorexia, or just starting out on their anorexia recovery journey. Anorexia causes the hair to become very brittle and fall out whilst a fine layer of downy skin appears all over the body and because of the lack of essential nutrients in the anorexic body, it can also cause severe acne, skin yellowing, and other skin conditions. Anorexics tend to be deficient in Vitamin A (also known as Beta Carotene) which is found in fish and in selected fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A is essential for bones and teeth, and it is also a lack of vitamin A that will be responsible for any acne and dry skin you experience. If you’re a former anorexic currently on the path to recovery then you may well want to improve the condition of your skin and reduce the effects of any skin condition you are experiencing in the interim.