You’re looking very (a b)/a = a/b = 1.618 … = Φ

You’re looking very (a b)/a = a/b = 1.618 … = Φ today. That’s a compliment … and an actual, if ancient, equation for calculating beauty — in art, in architecture, in human faces. And you can thank the Greek mathematician Euclid for the formula, often called the Golden Ratio. Recently, Amber Heard and Kim Kardashian were deemed the most beautiful women in the world by a London-based plastic surgeon who funneled the size of their lips, cheeks and eyebrows into that exact equation. Of course, it’s odd when beauty becomes that reductive. It’s unsettling. It’s disconcerting. And it’s for sale. Provided you don’t have a fear of needles, it’s never been more possible—or popular—to inject your way to Euclid’s ideal proportions. Arched eyebrows, pronounced cheekbones, Instagrammable lips…“Patients ask me for more symmetrical features all the time,” says Ranella Hirsch, a dermatologist in Boston, who points out that a little asymmetry usually looks more natural. “The problem is you can’t take ‘textbook pretty’ features and put them on everyone’s face.”
Meaning the problem is that you can. And we are. In other words, welcome to Stepford, people.  READ MORE via Allure