4 Tips for Healthy Fall Skin

Autumn is in full swing with days growing shorter and air getting drier. Foliage is at its peak, and colors abound in the trees. As the summer months flee, so does many’s conscious effort to make sure they’re protecting their skin from UV rays. I’ll be blunt here, just because the days aren’t lasting as long doesn’t mean the sun isn’t permeating UV rays. On the contrary, this is a year-long occurrence. So, focus on ways to treat your skin as Autumn presses on.

Step One: Humidify the Air Around You

As we start to heat our homes due to the cooler temperatures and overall decrease in naturally occurring humidity levels, its important to get SOME moisture back into the air. Humidifying is essential in keeping your skin properly hydrated. Due to the lack humidity in the air, your skin can dry out and crack, and also see increased flareups of eczema, rosacea and hypersen­sitivity.

Step Two: Exfoliate Often

Whether you’re using a scrub, a dry brush or something like fruit peels, treat your skin to the remedying effects of exfoliating dead skin cells. By not treating the cells that naturally die off due to seasonal change and other factors, you’re inadvertently clogging pores that can lead to worsening skin conditions. Exfoliating is important because you’re freeing those pores and opening up the pathway to better hydration and thus, a means to experience better miniatur­ization with the use of oils, creams or just plain old water.

Step Three: Invest in Creams

One of the most obvious things you can do is purchase and utilize the benefits of high-quality skin creams. These leave your skin feeling smooth, better moisturized and enable the skin to be more elastic. Further, choose creams that have UV protectant, or SPF, in them to keep your skin completely healthy and safe as you would in the summertime. The sun’s UV rays don’t pay any attention to the temperature of the air.

Step Four: Protect Your Lips

Don’t forget your lips! So many people do. The colder temps will dry them out as they do other parts of your body, and your lips are exposed to cold winds that other parts of your face might not be, depending on what you’re wearing. Use a good quality lip balm that includes SPF and cover all the bases.