Syringoma Treatment

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Syringomas are harmless eccrine sweat duct tumors, typically found clustered on eyelids, although they may also be found in the armpits, abdomen, chest, neck, scalp or groin area including genitals in a symmetric pattern. They are skin-colored or yellowish firm, rounded bumps, 1–3 mm in diameter, and may be confused with xanthoma, milia, hidrocystoma, trichoepithelioma, and xanthelasma. They are more common in women and are most commonly found in middle-aged Asian women. While they can present at any time in life, they typically present during adolescence. They are usually not associated with any other symptoms although can sometimes cause itchiness or irritation.

Treatment: The goal of treatment is to improve the appearance of lesions since they are otherwise not serious and typically do not cause symptoms. Many treatment methods have been attempted however, complete removal is uncommon. No single treatment method has been shown to consistently work. Both medical and surgical treatments have been studied, each with variable success. Common destructive treatment methods include lasers, dermabrasion, surgical excision, electrocoagulation and chemical peels. Many of these methods are very time consuming and require multiple treatment sessions.Carbon dioxide lasers are the most commonly practiced method; however, can cause thermal damage leading to scarring in the area. Medical therapies include topical atropine, topical retinoids and oral tranilast.

The most common adverse side effects include redness, skin discoloration and pain. Other side effects include blistering and scarring.