Why have Skin Care at the Eye Institute?

Facial surgical patients, whether they are preoperative, postoperative, or potential surgical candidates, require skin rejuvenation and restoration as well as preventative maintenance. Having non-physician staff knowelegable regarding effective skin care products and basic dermatologic recognition, diagnosis, and treatment frees up the Physcian’s time to focus on surgeries and other procedures. Effective surgeon lead skin care practices focus primarily on preoperative education and post operative care. The most common postoperative skin care procedure at the Eye Institute of Utah is Lymph Drainage Massage (LDM).

Lymph Drainage Massage

Due to disease, injury, stress or surgery, the lymphatic drainage system may become overwhelmed. This results in a condition called lymphedema. Lymph Drainage Massage (LDM) is a gentle style of facial massage that mimics the action of the lymphatic system. It is a relaxing treatment which mechanically moves fluid, like squeezing water through a tube. It also stimulates the lymph vessels to contract, starting the lymphatic pump, encouraging the lymph circulation to continue on its own following the massage. Even without the presence of edema or swelling, LDM may benefit the circulatory system, increasing oxygen flow and nutrients to cells. This increases cell health and boosts production of collagen and other skin cells.

Patients suffering from dry eyes may also benefit from LDM.

LDM is a 45 minute treatment and regularly costs $75. Dr. Oberg offers this treatment to his surgical patients at a discount. Discount cards are in each of his exam rooms.